By Major Paul Smooker
SO2 Trade & Training


Headquarter Defence Command Training Support Centre (HQ DCSTC) is the Formation headquarters for The Defence Force School of Signals (DFSS), Defence Intelligence Training Centre (DFSI), Defence Police Training Centre (DPTC) and the Defence Force School of Music (DFSM). 2016 has proven to be a challenging year at HQ DCSTC The remediation of the Signals trades and training has been focused on technological updates for the future workforce. We have commenced the development of training for the future ICT requirements and further integrated CRS and BMS training into IET and advanced courses. In amongst this work we have also commenced further qualification remediation action for ECN 665 personnel which commenced with online Certificate III training.

Notwithstanding the requirement for these to remain high priority tasks, effort will soon shift to the Employment Category Review (ECR). Within the next month, HQ DCSTC expects to receive the Terms of Reference for the ECR. The ECR is scheduled to commence with preliminary analysis in February 2017, with the first presentation to the Army Employment Category Management Stakeholder Steering Group scheduled for October 2017.

The ECR will require extensive Corps involvement and we welcome any submissions for consideration throughout the planning process. Corps member contributions are highly encouraged as this has the potential to affect Corps design, trade structures, training continuums and future capability requirements such as cyber. Junior members are highly encouraged to be active participants in the ECR as your ideas will shape the future structure and training of your Corps.

Information will be managed on the HQ DCSTC RA Sigs ECR Internal Defence SharePoint page with periodic updates provided at key points throughout the ECR.

The primary point of contact is MAJ Paul Smooker on 03 8481 7085 or Finally, HQ DCSTC updates all Employment Specifications on an annual basis and you are encouraged to remain cognisant of this when providing career guidance. Recent key changes include minimum time in rank for RA Sigs Officers and driver training requirements for all personnel.