Head of Corps

    BRIG Susan Coyle, CSC, DSM

Members of the Corps, It is an absolute honour to be writing to you as Head of Corps, and at a time where our Corps is at a critical cross road of opportunity. My focus in the next twelve months is to challenge our corps to remain central to realising Army's goal of becoming a 5th Generation Army and focus on our public profile as a Corps. Comd 7 Bde describes us as the fourth manoeuvre element - outstanding praise to the capabilities and professional approach provided by members of the Corps. Your Corps Council is currently reviewing our structure to consider how we can better incorporate senior leader involvement within the Corps to approach challenges, harness your advice and expertise not only within the corps but more broadly so that we remain relevant. But we can't rest on our laurels, and as a Corps we need to be very clear about our value proposition to Army, to the ADF, and to the nation, and be very clear about what it is that we do, that others can't! I will be reaching out to all, but focussing on COs and RSMs in particular to assist with this endeavour.

The ADF is undergoing significant modernisation and our Corps will play a key role in that. It is a result of your efforts and leadership that Army is able to deploy a functional Battle Management System which significantly enhances combat capability. It is a result of your vision and determination that we have an Electronic Warfare regiment that is agile in the face of dynamic targets and threats. It is a result of your great work that projects such as JP2072 are able to renew our Battlefield Telecommunications capabilities. These are but a few examples of the Corps successes in recent years, and I would like to reiterate, it is by and large, a result of your passion, dedication and perseverance. Well done!

But there is more now to do, as while our ability to support Army's modernisation is an example of our success, it also remains our greatest challenge. I encourage you to be involved with the Employment Category Review (ECR), which is occurring alongside the Land Capability Review being undertaken by Army HQ. This is a great opportunity for the Corps and I encourage all of you participate; and remember that once completed, we as a Corps must present the outcomes of the ECR in a single coherent voice. If you have ideas, don't sit on the sideline, get involved in the ECR workshops in your unit locations or contact the team at DCSTC.

There are significant members of our Corps who have provided a great legacy to which we must continue to honour. As I write this the Corps befittingly farewelled MAJGEN Michael Clifford, AM, CSC a former Head of Corps and CO of the School whose legacy will be remembered. Again, we will reach out to request your suggestions on how we can best honour those lucky enough to be Signallers. We also celebrated a very successful Corps Week up in Cabarlah, fielding our Corps Rugby Team, cyber range and even having 14 Sig Regt (UK) participate in Caduceus Cup. I would also mention the great initiative by TCG-5 and their own Caduceus Cup event called the Spartan Shield. Fantastic efforts all round.

Our Corps remains in great shape, however there is a substantial amount of work needed to get us to an even better shape and prepare for the future. I thank you in advance for your efforts to ensure that we are well postured to seize every opportunity that is ahead of us over the next few years.

Lastly, I would like to publicly acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our outgoing Corps RSM - WO1 Rick Cartwright, and welcome our new Corps RSM - WO1 Vikke Paterson. Good Soldiering

"Certa Cito"

Deputy Head of Corps

    LTCOL Adam Strickland

Ladies and Gentleman, as you know the tempo across the Royal Australian Corps of Signals this year has been extremely high. This was largely a result of the Corps' involvement in the build up to and the conduct of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017 which was the largest exercise conducted by the ADF in sometime. At the same time and after much anticipation, the Corps Employment Category Review (ECR) also commenced. This is a significant activity for the Corps, and not only do I encourage everyone to contribute, but I commend the extent to which the ECR team is engaging with the Corps. Like many before it, this ECR will shape our future and we need to get it right.

Many of the Corps have also been involved the establishment of the new Directorate of Information Warfare in ADFHQ and the creation of the new Joint Cyber Unit. This is an important step in building Defence's Information Warfare capabilities and presents a great opportunity for our Corps. Our congratulations go to MAJGEN Marcus Thompson, AM previous Commander 6 BDE and Head of Corps (HOC) for his appointment to lead this endeavour.

Corps Week and the Caduceus Cup were once again very successful. It was fantastic to see so many participating in all the events and celebrating the bestowing the 'Royal' title upon the Corps. I would to thank everyone involved in preparing for and the conduct of the week, and I am very pleased DFSS won the Caduceus Cup for the second year running.

As we continue to modernise and adapt to meet current and future war fighting needs, so too does our training. Most of your will recall that the Defence Force School of Signals (DFSS) implemented a campaign plan to consolidate recent organisational and C2 changes, and to continue to modernise our training with an emphasis on the threat and instilling a culture of innovation, creativity and resilience in our workforce. The School has worked hard towards achieving these goals and we continue to ensure our training remains relevant. For example we have recently developed a NIST aligned Joint cybersecurity curriculum to replace the existing computer network defence training across the three Services.

It has also been a sad year for the Corps. Our deepest sympathies go out to the friends, family and loved ones of both MAJGEN Michael Clifford, AM, CSC and BRIG Keith Colwill, OAM who passed away this year. Both officers were stalwarts of the Corps that left an enduring legacy, and I encourage you to read their attached biographies and reflect upon their service.

Congratulations to BRIG Susan Coyle, CSC, DSM for her appointment as Commander 6 BDE and HOC, and the new Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeant Majors of the Corps: LTCOL Les Juckel, CSC (7 CSR), LTCOL Nathan Schurmann (3 CSR), LTCOL Mick Mudie (7 SR), WO1 Vikke Patterson (DFSS), WO1 Scott Excel (7 SR), WO2 Jason Rubie (8 SR) WO1 John Wilson (DSCB). I wish you all the very best with your new appointments. I would also like to thank WO1 Rick Cartwright for his support as RSM DFSS and Corps RSM. His performance and dedication to the Corps and DFSS has been noted by many and I wish him all the best on his posting to the Defence Command Support Training Centre.

"Certa Cito"

Corps RSM

    WO1 Richard Cartwright

As I approach the end of my tenure as the Corps RSM, and ultimately with the end of my career not too far off, I depart DFSS and the Corps knowing both are in a healthy position and continue to thrive going from strength to strength.

I would like to acknowledge the Commanding Officers I have served during my time at DFSS, LTCOLs Limmer and Strickland, two fine leaders who are responsible for taking DFSS in a new direction. I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate former HOC, now MAJGEN Marcus Thompson, AM for his leadership as HOC, as well as to congratulate BRIG Susan Coyle, CSC, DSM on her appointment as COMD 6 BDE and as HOC. Finally, WO1 Pip Isseppi, OAM on her appointment as a Tier C RSM, the first we have achieved as a Corps. All proof of the impact the Corps is making on wider Army.

I would like to also acknowledge the soldiers, JNCOs, SNCOs and Warrants of the Corps. The Corps is consistently challenged with emerging technologies and the ability of our NCOs and Warrants to constantly adapt truly amazes and inspires me. Our people are consistently fighting to remain current and understand how to employ new equipment to best effect. I see firsthand the manner in which our people are able to innovate not only in the use of new equipment in the Brigades, but here at DFSS in the methods in which they teach our future communicators.

All members of the Corps have good reason to be proud. We are very much specialists in Army, providing vital communications for the provision of effective C2. Whilst doing so, we are still able to maintain that steady workhorse required at Brigade HQs to prevent HQ staff from getting callouses on their hands. Some things have not changed since I enlisted in 1982.

Finally, I know I leave the role of Corps RSM in good hands as WO1 Vikke Paterson takes over in 2018. I know Vikke will excel in the job in 2018. To each and every one throughout the Corps, good luck and good soldiering.

"Certa Cito"

RSM 2nd Division

WO1 P. Iseppi, OAM

In Coming COs

7 CSR - LTCOL Les Juckel, CSM
3 CSR - LTCOL Nathan Schurmann
7 SR - LTCOL Mick Mudie

In Coming RSMs

DFSS - WO1 Vikke Patterson
7 SR - WO1 Scott Excel
8 SR - WO2 Jason Rubie (On Promotion to WO1)
DCSB - WO1 John Wilson

Out Going COs

7 CSR - LTCOL Kurt Brown
3 CSR - LTCOL Ed Wunsch
7 SR - LTCOL Doc Watson

Out Going RSMs

DFSS - WO1 Rick Cartwright
7 SR - WO1 Stephen Carmichael
8 SR - WO1 John Wilson
DCSB - WO1 Trevor O'Brien